America's Best Inn Brinkley

Monroe County, United States

America's Best Inn Brinkley is a Lodging located in Monroe County, United States. Address of America's Best Inn Brinkley is 2002 Walker Dr, Brinkley, AR 72021, USA. This place is rated 3.4 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website

Name America's Best Inn Brinkley
City Monroe County
Country United States
Full address 2002 Walker Dr, Brinkley, AR 72021, USA
MON 24 hour open
TUE 24 hour open
WED 24 hour open
THU 24 hour open
FRI 24 hour open
SAT 24 hour open
SUN 24 hour open
What is the America's Best Inn Brinkley?
America's Best Inn Brinkley is a Lodging in United States.
What is rating of America's Best Inn Brinkley?
Rating of America's Best Inn Brinkley is 3.4 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of America's Best Inn Brinkley?
Address of America's Best Inn Brinkley is 2002 Walker Dr, Brinkley, AR 72021, USA.

Didia Domtemi on 07 Jan 2021
Hi sorry I just got time for writing my response about this place.nnThis hotel is not clean please don't stay here, the have bed bugs; on December 23 I went to this hotel and to the next day my friend woke up with a lot of itch and hives in legs, arms...nI got the hives and same symptoms 4 days later (on December 28) and I am still with itch all over my body and a lot of hives on my harms, my neck and me face...nMy face looks like someone Hite me, my face is swollen and I have fever.nPlease be careful, I have never had this kind of experience and is very terrible.nOh I was the room 218nThanks.

Bill Carpenter on 09 Feb 2021
This hotel was in such bad shape I did not want to stay here, but I told the (owner maybe?) that, and he let out a nervous laugh and said no refunds. Sheets were not washed , there were cigarette burns in them, stains and hairs of all manner. There was a chair in the room that looked like it was left in a feild. Rusty clothes racks, holes in the walls that had been plastered but not painted. It was a complete disgrace!nIf someone isnu2019t happy staying at your motel, say your sorry they feel that way and refund them, then make sure that doesnu2019t happen again. Perhaps youu2019re in the wrong business..

Liraz Ben zikri on 27 Jan 2021
The hotel is completely updated with new beds new paint new carpeting right next to new truckstop I stay once a week and my travels through and will always stay here and the prices are cheap I only paid 39.99

Mary Dixon on 14 Mar 2021
Well since our TV and lamp on the wall had no power ---we were unable to see the news or weather channel. I called to speak with the manager and he said I was in correct and to hold the remote down longer for it to operate? I had changed the bulb to see if it worked in another lamp and knew the power was out because it worked on that light sourse. The manager wanted to come down but I said No because we were changed and didn't want to re dress. For the 40$ I guess it was in the price range. But really was expecting a little more. thank you for your time.

Matthew Kilgore on 18 Feb 2021
Price was incredible. $45 & change for the night. Had all you expect to get nowadays. Flat screen TV Microwave Fridge. Table two chairs. Two Queen's. Clean sheets and linens. Regular size tub and shower. Soaps and shampoos. All working. Everything decently cleaned and not too old amenities or cheaply furnished. Basically it was the one if the best cheap motels I ever stayed at. But nothing like an upscale, so don't think it's that big a bargain if you enjoy the luxury of the big ones. But DEFINITELY WORTH THE $45. WELL WORTH IT! 4 STARS FOR PRICE AND BEING IN GOOD OVERALL CONDITION AND PRETTY DARN CLEAN PLACE TOO.

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