Case Plumbing Company

Franklin County, United States

Case Plumbing Company is a Plumber located in Franklin County, United States. Address of Case Plumbing Company is 6819 Robin Way, Ozark, AR 72949, USA. This place is rated 3.4 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating.

Name Case Plumbing Company
City Franklin County
Country United States
Full address 6819 Robin Way, Ozark, AR 72949, USA
SUN Day off
What is the Case Plumbing Company?
Case Plumbing Company is a Plumber in United States.
What is rating of Case Plumbing Company?
Rating of Case Plumbing Company is 3.4 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Case Plumbing Company?
Address of Case Plumbing Company is 6819 Robin Way, Ozark, AR 72949, USA.

We had a copper pipe leak under our laundry room. Ours is an older home with practically no crawl space. He was able to make an opening in the laundry room floor and you can't tell it was cut!! He showed us the copper line was leaking in several areas and he replaced the line and several connections that were leaking. We definitely will use them again!

Jeff Donnell on 20 Feb 2020
OUTSTANDING! Old pressure regulator went out yesterday. My first time using Case Plumbing. Called them at 8 a.m. this morning and came home from work this evening and water line repaired with new regulator. Folks, you seldom find reliable, professional service like this. Hope to be able to call them again. Great experience.

Adam Hayes on 15 Oct 2020
Rerouted plumbing on a basement remodel. Stayed late to check for leaks. Super nice. I will keep him on speed dial!

April Cronin on 21 Jan 2021
They were super nice and honest. Definitely would use again.

Raj Patel on 02 Mar 2021
Shame on this guys.nThey work 2-3 hours and charge 5 times the cost which other plumber charges. With that being said. We have to help them when they are not even able to move the pipes. Heard from other people that they dont have good repuation in town as well. They are known for overcharging and for pathetic charges.nMy mistake i chose this guys.nI will let all my hoteliers and restaurant business friends not to ever call them. Very unprofessional and pathethic level of servives with high charges. What a shame!!!

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