Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar

New Castle County, United States

Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar is a Meal takeaway located in New Castle County, United States. Address of Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar is 1000 Churchmans Rd, Newark, DE 19713, USA. This place is rated 4.1 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website

Name Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar
City New Castle County
Country United States
Full address 1000 Churchmans Rd, Newark, DE 19713, USA
What is the Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar?
Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar is a Meal takeaway in United States.
What is rating of Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar?
Rating of Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar is 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar?
Address of Crab Du Jour Cajun Seafood & Bar is 1000 Churchmans Rd, Newark, DE 19713, USA.

Kate Karma on 07 Mar 2021
Highly recommend the restaurant here! My family and I celebrate our birthday here. We are very happy and satisfied with their dishes because it is so affordable and delicious. They did not live up to their customers' expectations of their service and food. Until next time! Thank you so much!

joy caulk on 27 Mar 2021
Delicious always busy though. Extremely friendly staff. The alcoholic beverages come in a cute pouch. They are just getting the bar up and running and didn't have what I ordered but tried to substitute and then just took it off the check. With all that being said I still give them 5 stars.

Bri Mack on 28 Feb 2021
Absolutely horrible. They made my mom feel not welcome in the lobby. They sat us down in the darkest corner of the restaurant. My mom and I had to use a flashlight to read the menu. The waitress was not pleasant at all. I ordered mozzarella sticks and they brought out Cocktail sauce instead of marinara sauce. I dip my mozzarella stick in the cocktail sauce I almost threw up. Then my mom started the eating cocktail sauce cause she likes cocktail sauce but she was eating it with a straw because they didnu2019t Give us any forks, napkins or plates. The water is disgusting it taste like Iu2019m drinking puddle water. They bring out our food one at a time. After I told her to bring out everything together. She never came back to the table to check on our food and rarely ever came back to us to refill our drinks or anything. She didnu2019t care. She only gave us two napkins at a seafood restaurant. I ordered a sandwich and hated it because it came with all this different dressings that was horrible. And then I told the waitress and she didnu2019t care and was like whatever and just called the manager. So basically I just ate on lettuce throughout the whole dinner because they donu2019t give you enough dressing to enjoy the salad. The party next to us were complaining of the same things with the same waitress. Place needs a better menu and better customer service. Donu2019t waste your money here. Save your coins!

Cathy Stephens on 05 Feb 2021
Love the food here! Very delicious and reasonably priced. The staff is always very friendly and welcoming. I have brought a lot of family members/colleagues and friends, they like them very much, and keep coming back. It is very worthwhile, and I strongly recommend that you choose here.

Shika on 27 Jan 2021
Pretty decent spot... Inexpensive... Got a nice amount of food that my 22 year daughter and I enjoyed while dining in, and was able to take home as well. Clean establishment... Patrons temperatures are taken at the entrance... Would give this establishment 5 stars but they donu2019t have their liquor license yet ud83eudd37ud83cudffdu200du2640ufe0f I mean, thereu2019s nothing like a nice drink while eating seafood. Otherwise, I have no complaints, this establishment was better than Iu2019d expected. I can see me going back

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