Darul-Amaanah Academy

New Castle County, United States

Darul-Amaanah Academy is a Primary school located in New Castle County, United States. Address of Darul-Amaanah Academy is 408 E 8th St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA. This place is rated 5 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating.

Name Darul-Amaanah Academy
City New Castle County
Country United States
Full address 408 E 8th St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
SAT Day off
SUN Day off
What is the Darul-Amaanah Academy?
Darul-Amaanah Academy is a Primary school in United States.
What is rating of Darul-Amaanah Academy?
Rating of Darul-Amaanah Academy is 5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Darul-Amaanah Academy?
Address of Darul-Amaanah Academy is 408 E 8th St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA.

nickearful on 15 Mar 2021
Darul Amaanah Academy is the Best Place to send your children. My daughter has been enrolled for 7yrs now and and I wouldn't change it for anything. They also offer so much more. Give Dural-Amaanah Academy a call today!!!!!

Fatt Ali on 02 Mar 2021
Darul-Amaanah welcomed my daughter with open arms! She is skilled in reading and math on higher grade level than her peers thanks to Ms Iman and the great staff. Itu2019s a like a great big family! May Allah reward them for educating our youth!

Bahjeh Rizeq on 28 Feb 2021
I love Darul-Amaanah Academy! My daughter was a student there and she flourished in such little time. I also volunteered my time there to help students. Learning is made fun and children excell. The staff is very punctual, professional, and genuinely Care for children. You're welcome to the school regardless of race, religion, economic or socioeconomic background! The director is a woman with zeal and passion. She loves her community and gives back without hesitation. She gives hope to our children and encourages them to succeed and reach beyond their full potential. The entire staff is great!

Mia miller on 27 Feb 2021
Amazing is an understatement... very clean professional and the kids are so happy and excited. Itu2019s one big happy family at Darul amaanah academy love it.

Goated on 03 Mar 2021
I have a son with special needs who attends Darul-Amaanah Academy and heu2019s absolutely thriving! A child knows when they are loved and cared for and the staff at the school treat him like their own. They are patient, thorough and take very serious the education of each individual child who attends. This Muslim based school is AWESOME and I havenu2019t been more pleased or had second thoughts about my child attending. Highly recommended.

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