Hair Cuttery

Sussex County, United States

Hair Cuttery is a Hair care located in Sussex County, United States. Address of Hair Cuttery is 12701 Coastal Hwy Unit 2, Ocean City, MD 21842, USA. This place is rated 3.3 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website

Name Hair Cuttery
City Sussex County
Country United States
Full address 12701 Coastal Hwy Unit 2, Ocean City, MD 21842, USA
What is the Hair Cuttery?
Hair Cuttery is a Hair care in United States.
What is rating of Hair Cuttery?
Rating of Hair Cuttery is 3.3 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Hair Cuttery?
Address of Hair Cuttery is 12701 Coastal Hwy Unit 2, Ocean City, MD 21842, USA.

Sydney Steinberg on 31 Aug 2018
I started with long hair and asked for a trim and some layers and instead I got a bob cut and no layers . I do not recommend this place at all, I have never been more disappointed after getting my hair done .

a. garcia on 04 Sep 2019
The worst place to go ..n2 minute bad hair cut .nJust needed a little trimm specially on the sides and that lady went crazy all over my hair cutting everywhere but my sides , she finished in 2 minutes and she left lots of long hairs around my ears .ndidnt even brushed to clean the hair around my neck or forehead ..nWorts experience ever..

Annalise Melsom on 25 Aug 2019
Drove all the way here just for them to be closed 45 minutes before closing time! On a Sunday! That's nuts.

L I on 27 May 2019
Never come to this place!!! I been doing business with hair cutters for 10 years and I decided take one of my family members to do her hair in the hair cuttery at north bay shopping center in ocean city md because we were on vacation. Itu2019s horrible service and to top it all I paid before service rendered. If I can put zero star I would. My family member wanted her eyebrows dye as well as her hair, and for them to tell us they donu2019t do it or have any other product available to do it and donu2019t use proper customer service technique. Also since I paid in advance the manager didnu2019t know how to do a refund on my card and she call herself a manager!!! Lady stop doing hair and learn what manager job entitles to do your job and Lear some better customer service, since you donu2019t have prudence for any customer also talking about it with the other customer you are doing the hair too... thatu2019s so unprofessional!!! For that many reasons donu2019t ever come to this place if you want to experience bad customer service, no service quality, poor service availability for hair care and no management skills!!!

Michael Kieval on 10 Aug 2019
Good, clean Haircuttery in a strip mall. You can check in ahead of time online or in their app. Note that Google Maps may take you to the parking lot one farther North.

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