Jim's Car Audio & Alarm

Baxter County, United States

Jim's Car Audio & Alarm is a Car repair located in Baxter County, United States. Address of Jim's Car Audio & Alarm is 214 Co Rd 149, Elizabeth, AR 72531, USA. This place is rated 4.8 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website http://www.facebook.com/JimsCarAudioAlarm.

Name Jim's Car Audio & Alarm
City Baxter County
Country United States
Full address 214 Co Rd 149, Elizabeth, AR 72531, USA
Website http://www.facebook.com/JimsCarAudioAlarm
SUN Day off
What is the Jim's Car Audio & Alarm?
Jim's Car Audio & Alarm is a Car repair in United States.
What is rating of Jim's Car Audio & Alarm?
Rating of Jim's Car Audio & Alarm is 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Jim's Car Audio & Alarm?
Address of Jim's Car Audio & Alarm is 214 Co Rd 149, Elizabeth, AR 72531, USA.

D Bartlett on 18 Jan 2021
I have put in a number of car stereos over the years and have had a number professionally installed as well. The job that Jim did installing a Kenwood receiver and backup camera on our Subaru Forester was the best install I have seen. This wasnu2019t an easy install. Jim carefully took things apart, installed the equipment snd, most importantly, put everything back together just as tight or tighter as when the vehicle came from the factory. The install looks awesome. In fact, it honestly looks far better than than the OEM. Jimu2019s pays meticulous attention to every detail and it sure shows in his work. His prices are more than reasonable for the amount of work that he did. We will use Jim for our next car stereo install without any reservations at all.

Calvin Oliphant on 25 Aug 2020
Just had my brand new on the market Atoto S8 Pro Head Unit installed. I was looking for a professional installer. I am not from Memphis so I did my homework read tons of reviews, compared prices etc. I decided to go with Jim Car Audio because of his positive reviews, pictures of jobs he done and because I believe in supporting the local neighborhood. I am so happy with my decision. Mr. Jim is a true hands on installer and his decades of experience show. My head unit came with tons of features like rearview video display with Virtual Surround View parking feature to view your vehicle in birds eye view. Lots of the features needed calibration and not much documentation was to be found. It was a big job and I am sure other installers would have thrown in the towel. Not Mr. Jim he contacted customer service and did everything to get the job done. Also even though the job took a little longer he stayed at his price and the completed work with clean and very professional results. I had two units installed with best buy over the years and I was NOT to happy with their impersonal and quick job.nI would like to highly recommend Jim's Car Audio to anyone who is looking for real and honest craftsmanship with no unpleasant surprises. Thank you for a difficult job well done. Calvin

Fernando Garcia on 12 Nov 2020
Awesome work on my Honda Accord! After I got my tires stolen (outside of my apartment overnight while I slept) I researched a few different options to get an alarm system installed. Jim went above and beyond to ensure I had my car back as I was on a tight schedule. Highly professional and a guy that definitely takes pride in his work.nnThanks Jim!

Justin on 02 Jan 2021
Called several different places which ended up being booked a month+ in advanced and offered no help. I had bought a spare vehicle to commute to work which was a 2008 Crown Vic police interceptor which had no security features. With vehicle thefts and break-ins on a rise I needed something fast. After researching I found Jim and had a very professional experience. He worked with me to get an appointment coordinated during my vacation. After ordering the system I had it installed within a week's time. I was able to drop my vehicle off overnight and felt it was safe and had it back quick. He offered the Crime Stopper remote start/alarm vs a more expensive unit I wanted and saved me money. The unit is full of all the features I wanted. After using it for a few days it has become second nature as far as learning to unlock, lock, pop the trunk, and remote start the vehicle. He explained in detail how to operate it before I left. His work is very clean. If it wasn't for the bright blue blinking led in the dash you'd never known anything was done but the led is a deterrent which you want. He also installed a glass break sensor and shock sensor. If anyone attempts to touch my vehicle in an aggressive manner I am immediately alerted by the paging system with lcd screen which turns red, vibrates, and beeps. The alarm gives a warning to the intruder before all Hell breaks loose. We have tested this to much satisfaction. I only had to slightly adjust the sensitivity which he made accessible to the user. Once the alarm is set off the vehicle isn't able to be started until it is disarmed. There is also a second standard battery powered remote which is very nice. The pager which I use the most is rechargeable and looks to last for a decent amount of time. I haven't drained it yet to get an exact time. Overall I had a very pleasant experience with Mr. Jim. He has been in the business for over 35 years and it shows. His knowledge is very extensive and he takes pride in his work. After talking with him we are very much alike in the way we do things. He is someone I highly recommend and feel comfortable with doing work on my vehicles. I will bring him 2 other vehicles to work out issues on in the future. Also his labor rate was very reasonable being an individual.

Izzy Tuck on 03 Apr 2021
Jim was very nice to us and always updated us and explained everything he was doing in detail the entire time he had our vehicle, even before he had the vehicle too! Not only that but he didnu2019t pretend that it was going to be cheaper than what it actually was like other places. He always kept 100% truthful and respectful throughout the entire experience. I also loved how he not only took care of us by answering all the questions we had but he also handled our truck like he would handle his own vehicle! Would definitely recommend him for anything I need done Audio wise!!

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