Medi Quik Pharmacy

Franklin County, United States

Medi Quik Pharmacy is a Drugstore located in Franklin County, United States. Address of Medi Quik Pharmacy is 810 W Commercial St, Ozark, AR 72949, USA. This place is rated 4.7 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website

Name Medi Quik Pharmacy
City Franklin County
Country United States
Full address 810 W Commercial St, Ozark, AR 72949, USA
SUN Day off
What is the Medi Quik Pharmacy?
Medi Quik Pharmacy is a Drugstore in United States.
What is rating of Medi Quik Pharmacy?
Rating of Medi Quik Pharmacy is 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Medi Quik Pharmacy?
Address of Medi Quik Pharmacy is 810 W Commercial St, Ozark, AR 72949, USA.

pariseagles78 on 07 Nov 2019
We drive from paris to get our medicine because of the type of service wonu2019t go anywhere elsenNeal Wade

Jeannie Miner on 21 May 2020
Wonderful friendly employees. Clean store. However I must say, a few of the girls working the drive through are not friendly, and very rude.

Christina Stumbaugh on 10 Oct 2020
My parents were sick with Covid and unable to leave their home. They needed a few things from the pharmacy but I live more than an hour away and couldnu2019t pick them up. I called Medi Quik Pharmacy, purchased the items over the phone and had them delivered in just a few hours! Great customer service!

Kala Mccaig on 24 Oct 2020
So I've been shopping for peroxide because my husband had to have it. Haven't been able to find it, but I did today. HERE! one 16oz bottle was $15.75

Em Pathy on 17 Mar 2021
Helpful friendly people are apparently the rule at this old-fashioned drug store. I visited them today for the first time and was so pleased with the service I just had to write about my experience. First, before going to the store, I called with a question and talked to a knowledgeable young lady who gave me a complete answer with all the details I needed. Thatu2019s rare these days, folks! When I walked in the door, I was greeted with another friendly u201cHow may I help you?u201d followed by good directions to the items I needed. During the time I was in the store I was greeted by a total three employees and all were equally warm and helpful. This pharmacy is the kind of place where itu2019s still a pleasure to do business with a real hometown feel. Iu2019ll be back!

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