Mid State Power System

Bradford County, United States

Mid State Power System is a Car repair located in Bradford County, United States. Address of Mid State Power System is 10065 US-301, Hampton, FL 32044, USA. This place is rated 4 starts (out of 5 starts) by 4 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website http://www.midstatepowersystems.com/.

Name Mid State Power System
City Bradford County
Country United States
Full address 10065 US-301, Hampton, FL 32044, USA
Website http://www.midstatepowersystems.com/
SAT Day off
SUN Day off
What is the Mid State Power System?
Mid State Power System is a Car repair in United States.
What is rating of Mid State Power System?
Rating of Mid State Power System is 4 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews.
What is the address of Mid State Power System?
Address of Mid State Power System is 10065 US-301, Hampton, FL 32044, USA.

Jonathan Ernst on 14 Oct 2015
Awsome service... great people!!

Marlene Hicks on 22 Nov 2017
I cannot with clear conscience recommend Ken. He did not fix the problem I took my truck there for. Almost $600. Had to take it back. Different diagnosis, almost another $600. Still have the same problem. Truck died again in intersection of 441 & NW 53rd Ave 7a.m. not a good time or place for truck to die. So brakes, tighten a hose, filters & recommended to get new tires and truck still dying. Ladies you do not want to be pulling your horse trailer & be broken down on the side of the road, horses in hot trailer & on a dangerous place because of shotty repair work. I was recommended by a good friend & had been taking my truck there for many years & have only met Ken once. If he is not there to supervise the work that is being down on your truck, he can't guarantee that the problem is fixed. Nor will he guarantee his work. He told me this morning that he had told me if that didn't fix it to bring it back (a 3rd time?). He wasn't even there when I picked up my truck & paid his wife so how could he had told me anything! He does have a very sweet wife but that won't keep you from being in a dangerous place when your truck dies, especially if you are pulling a trailer with horses aboard. My biggest question is, this was the 2nd time I took it back for same problem, I shouldn't of had to bring it back a 2nd time if he was a good mechanic & knew what he was doing. I'm not mechanically minded but I'm smart enough to know that new brakes, hose, filters & tires from a tire store are not going to keep my truck from dying. Duh! Ladies & all diesel truck owners who pull trailers, especially horse trailers, do yourself a big favor & take your truck to the dealership for repairs. It will be repaired properly, work guaranteed & save you a lot of time & grief. Ken doesn't guarantee his work. Nor in my opinion treat his lady customers with the respect due to them. I don't even give him a grade of 1 star but had to give that to let people know who they are dealing with, in my experience a lousy mechanic. So that one star goes to his wife whom I met more than him.

Ken Aprile on 05 Oct 2019
I own it and quality work is our priority

Randy Wolfe on 23 Sep 2015
This is a great place. I had a injector fail on my cat engine, They jumped right on it and had me going the same day. Good work at a fair price, Hard to find these days. Ken and his crew are a great group, Give them a try, You will not be disappointed.nnRandy WolfenButler KY.nn9 - 23 - 2015

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