Wellness Center of Plymouth

Wayne County, United States

Wellness Center of Plymouth is a Spa located in Wayne County, United States. Address of Wellness Center of Plymouth is 1075 Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170, USA. This place is rated 4.8 starts (out of 5 starts) by 5 reviews rating. You can learn more about this place from there website http://www.wellnesscenterofplymouth.com/.

Name Wellness Center of Plymouth
City Wayne County
Country United States
Full address 1075 Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170, USA
Website http://www.wellnesscenterofplymouth.com/
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What is the Wellness Center of Plymouth?
Wellness Center of Plymouth is a Spa in United States.
What is rating of Wellness Center of Plymouth?
Rating of Wellness Center of Plymouth is 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews.
What is the address of Wellness Center of Plymouth?
Address of Wellness Center of Plymouth is 1075 Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170, USA.

John Harris on 02 Feb 2021
After 35+ years of unintentional abuse to my body by sitting at a desk all day writing code, Wellness Center of Plymouth helped repair and restore my posture in a surprisingly quick period of time. Also, I recently began exercising and had pinched a nerve in my lower back, causing a constant dull pain in my thigh, and that has also been corrected quickly through spinal adjustments.nnItu2019s surprising what happens to your body over the years, and Wellness Center of Plymouth can help you get back to a healthy state. Wellness Center of Plymouth uses science and high tech to assist in making an accurate diagnosis and evaluation, and their staff is top notch. I would definitely recommend Wellness Center of Plymouth to anyone considering chiropractic care.

Jerry Grimes on 10 Feb 2021
Iu2019ve been coming to Plymouth Wellness center for over 15 years and have always received outstanding service the entire time. The care and dedication of the staff, and outstanding chiropractic services have been a blessing. Over the years, the addition of complementary services, such as total body wellness education and massage therapy with the chiropractic care provides the customer with a total body experience.

Jaime Sleight on 11 Jan 2021
The staff were very friendly, respectful, and helpful. The lobby smelled amazing and gave off a calm aroma. I found my whole experience with Wellness Center of Plymouth to be uplifting! Matt gave me a firm and smooth deep tissue massage that relieved my muscles for days. I recommend Matt and the rest of the staff for your massage needs. Thank you.

Greg Hooker on 20 Mar 2021
Rolled my ankle simply walking down my back steps. Completely torn three outside ligaments in my ankle and partially tore the inside ligament. After the surgery to replace the ligaments, I went to Wellness Center of Plymouth for deep tissue laser treatment. After two treatments a week for 8 weeks, combined with physical therapy, I am moving around as before the surgery. I am not limited by pain or flexibility. My ankle feels back to normal.

Jonny on 09 Apr 2021
I've been getting professional massages for over 10 years all over the US and even in different countries, and I keep coming back to this place.nnEvery bit of service is pleasant. The staff always seems like they're in a good mood and are very kind and enthusiastic which just adds to the experience. Never had anything less than an amazing massage here. Each masseuse seems to have their own special and unique technique so I would suggest trying someone new every so often.nnAmbience here is also amazing. You walk in there and you feel like you're in a relaxing environment. I don't think I could recommend another place more.nnDefinitely ask for Dawn. Best masseuse I've had in awhile! Massages like an absolute goddess.

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